F**K No! by Sarah Knight (2019)

31Og2kO5WBL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_If you’re looking for books to read these days and are also interested in self development/self-improvement, I strongly recommend that you consider any of Sarah Knight’s books in her ‘No Fucks Given’ (NFG) series.

The fourth book in the NFG series, ‘F**k No!’, is the antidote to a lifetime of resigned, pressured, or unhappy yes-manning (or yes-womaning). It is the naysaying bible that you didn’t know you needed.

In her straightforward, no-nonsense and engaging writing style (it feels like she’s speaking to you, one-to-one, as a life coach or therapist), Knight leads you on a journey of self-exploration (i.e., why do you feel the need to say yes when you “can’t, shouldn’t or just don’t want to”?) through to a crash course on overcoming unhelpful guilt and blame and on to ways in which you can make saying “no” easier, more effective and eventually more rewarding.

Also – I love her use of fun flow-charts and practical activities.

As someone who struggles with being assertive at times, this book has been a great read – lots of helpful tips and lots of practical advice which I hope to put to use.

Highly recommended.

* Pro tip: Read this while off from work due to the coronavirus, and return to the professional sphere in the future unrecognisable to your over-bearing boss or pushy colleagues. *

…And now, I’m preparing to start book 3 of NFG “You Do You“, which looks just as promising.

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