Hi, and welcome to my blog.

I created this blog in 2013 as a place to write about and express my thoughts on films that I watch and books that I read. Books and films ARE MY LIFE (did you spot the ‘The Prestige’ quote there?) and if I enjoy one, I tend to spend quite some time thinking it over before I finally put pen to paper (or would ‘hand/fingers to keyboard’ be more appropriate?).

I hope you enjoy reading my reviews, and occasionally my reactions/ impressions. Do leave a comment! I love hearing from fellow-bloggers and other readers.

A note: Some posts will be written in a more formal manner, whilst others will be more casual/light-hearted. The inconsistency is, in my opinion, part of the fun – some films/books/tv series deserve a more critical/analytical eye; others can be discussed in jest and still done justice.

Posts that I am especially proud of:

The Fountain Review + Analysis

Blade Runner 2049 Review + Analysis

Have a lovely day


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